Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Welcome to Emergistan!

Dear readers, some of you know me by my other blog, www.edwinleap.com/blog.  I post there frequently, on a wide variety of topics.  But I realized that I need a place to focus on the world of emergency medicine, and by extension, the greater universe of medicine.

So this is the place.  I will be posting observations on life in medicine, bizarre happenings in the ER, politics, culture and other topics. 

I will also be detailing what I fear may be the gradual collapse of medicine as we know it. What it will be transformed into remains to be seen.  But I have a bad feeling about this, as the saying goes.

Hopefully, this blog will also inspire you to be proud citizens of Emergistan and buy some of my meager offerings from the Republic of Emergistan store:


Have a great day!

Edwin Leap, MD

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